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Interior Architectural Rendering

Interior rendering, a part of 3D architectural rendering process, is used for creating a photo-realistic image of the internal part of a building. The photo-realistic image conveys how the building inside will look once its construction will be completed. The photo-realistic images are also used for giving a brief overview of the building interior to clients.

In architectural interior rendering services, suitable color, texture, furniture, electronic fixture, shadow effect, lighting effects, ceiling, floor, etc. are added to the interior design of the construction. The purpose of adding these virtual elements is they assist in increasing photo-realism of the building interior that enables viewers to get a comprehensive 3D photo-realistic visualization of the internal part.

Application of Interior Renders Services in various types of building projects

Interior rendering process is used for all types of building projects whether it can be a small individual house or it can be a skyscraper. When this process is used for residential project, virtual kitchen appliances, bathroom accessories, bathtub, curtains, sofa set, center table, dining table, table lamps, bed, TV, DVD player, etc. are added to the interior designs.

In case of a corporate building project, cabin, desk, table, chair, computer, carpet, etc. are applied to the interior part of the corporate office.

While the 3D rendering process is executed for industrial project, different types of items such as machines, various types of tools, individual parts of machines, etc. are depicted in the design. In case of an educational institution, bench, table, chair, blackboard, light, fan, computer, etc. are kept in the image.


While the photo-realistic image is created for the internal part of the gym, different types of equipment such as tread mill, cycle, etc. are placed by users in the image. While 3D rendering services are executed for a shopping mall, different types of virtual elements are added to the mall image because a shopping mall includes various types of shops, cinema hall, restaurant, spa center, etc. For example, table and chairs are kept to show restaurants, whereas mannequins are placed in front of cloth shops. In case of a retail shop – soaps, shampoos, food items, vegetables, utensils, etc. are kept in the design.

While the architectural 3D rendering process is executed for hospitals and nursing home, various medical devices, stretcher, medicine cupboard, human characters of doctors and nurses, etc. are added to the design.

Besides the above mentioned building project, 3D interior renders services are also used for creating photo-realistic images of many other building projects. So, the execution of rendering services is important for making visual impacts on clients.